The Africa Missions Association exists in part to develop colloborative projects between national mission movements throughout the continent. Projects being worked on or which are under consideration for the future are listed here.

AfMA will develop online directories of African mission agencies, mission training programs, mission leaders, and mission resources.

National Mission Associations
AfMA will assist in the development of new national mission associations in Africa, with the goal of seeing a mission association in every country by the year 2020.

Denominational Sending Agencies
AfMA will work to see all of Africa's 1,200 major denominations have their own sending programs in the next decade. Seminars, curriculum, and networks will be established to assist in the formation and running of mission agencies.

Champion the Biblical Mandate for Mission Sending (Role of Mission Agencies)
AfMA will champion the biblical model of local congregations and apostolic structures (which receive, equip and oversee those sent out by local congregations) working together as the two components that make up the Church's mission . AfMA will assist bible colleges and seminaries to educate the next generation of pastors and church leaders about the priority of mission sending from the church.

Mission CEO Meeting
AfMA will host a regular meeting of mission agency CEOs in Africa and administrators to encourage one another, learn from each other, and help develop a new generation of leaders and sending structures.

AfMA will develop a consensus-based strategy for fully engaging all of Africa's 700 remaining unreached peoples, especially the 400 which presently have no missionary work. This strategy will aim to see all the unreached people groups in Africa adequately engaged by missionary teams by the year 2020.

Africa 100,000
AfMA will work with Africa's 180 million evangelicals and 1 million churches to set bold goals in missionary sending over the next twenty years. AfMA will challenge every denomination in Africa to join in a common vision of sending 100,000 missionaries to the least-reached areas of the world, and to make the necessary sacrifices and adjustments to see this great thrust go forward.

AfMA will work with national mission associations to develop agreed upon standards and best practices for mission sending. The accreditation process will look at areas of missionary preparation, missionary-care, financial integrity/transparency, governance, and field-practice. AfMA will also develop accreditation standards for missionary training programs, which will include areas such as curriculum, practicum, discipleship, resources, and instructor qualification/experience.

African Missionary Fellowships
In countries where at least 50 African cross-cultural missionaries are serving, national missionary fellowships will be formed to host an annual field-level meeting. AfMA will appoint regional and national coordinators to direct the work of these fellowships.

Journal of African Missiology
The goal of JAM is to publish online at least five peer-reviewed articles a quarter. These articles will be printed in an annual volume of 20 articles each year, in both English and French. If more articles are produced, they will be published electronically. The purpose of the journal is to focus on issues related to cross-cultural missionary sending from the African church.

Society of African Missiology
AfMA will host a regular meeting of African Missiologists to give and discuss missiological papers. These will be published in JAM.